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Numero Uno Carthusia I profumi di Capri

The first perfume created by the Carthusia laboratories to accompany and represent the Mediterranean man. A harmony of rustic, floral and musk wood notes for a sunny, dynamic, enterprising man.
Rosina Perfumery Numero Uno από Carthusia είναι ένα Αρωματικο Ξυλωδη άρωμα για άνδρες. Numero Uno κυκλοφόρησε το έτος 2007. Οι νότες κορυφής είναι πορτοκάλι , Ευκάλυπτος και Περγαμόντο; οι μεσαίες νότες είναι πατσουλί, Βιολέτα, Υλάνγκ Υλάνγκ, Αρτεμισία, Θυμάρι και κουβέβα; οι νότες της βάσης είναι Μόσχος, Βέτιβερ, Μύρο, λάβδανο και ξυλώδη νότες.

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Midnight Sun Aqaba

Midnight Sun is a gorgeous velvety floral which reveals a beautiful bouquet of gardenia, tuberose, freesia, rose, and orange blossom resting on a warm base of sandalwood and white musk. It gives an impression of deep purple shadows and precious stones glimmer. It is a romantic fragrance that evokes an image of a royal garden at night with blooms releasing their intoxicating scents, slightly spicy and sweet.

The fragrance is composed of freesia, gardenia, damask rose, orange flower, rose, tuberose, Indian sandalwood, and white musk.
The nose behind this fragrance is Thierry Wasser.
— at Rosina Perfumery.
 Rosina Perfumery Glyfada Αρωματοποιός Thierry Wasser
Οι νότες κορυφής είναι γαρδένια, φρέζια και τριαντάφυλλο Δαμασκού; οι μεσαίες νότες είναι άνθη πορτοκαλιάς και τριαντάφυλλο; οι νότες της βάσης είναι τεμπέρι, σανδαλόξυλο και λευκός μόσχος.

Fougere Royale by Houbigant

Η Houbigant ήταν μια εταιρεια οπου κατασκευαζε αρωματα, ιδρύθηκε στο Παρίσι, στη Γαλλία το 1775 από τον Jean-François Houbigant της Γκρας (1752-1807), αρχικά πωλούσαν γάντια, αρώματα και νυφικές ανθοδέσμες. Το αρχικό... κατάστημα, που ονομάζεται "A la Corbeille de Fleurs", ήταν στην rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Κατά τη διάρκεια των αιώνων η Houbigant έγινε ο αρωματοποιός στις βασιλικές αυλές της Ευρώπης (μεταξύ άλλων Ναπολέοντα, ο Ναπολέων ΙΙΙ, Αλέξανδρος Γ 'της Ρωσίας, Queen Victoria). Josephine, η μελλοντική αυτοκράτειρα της Γαλλίας, ανήκε σε μια ομάδα κομψό νέων ανδρών και γυναικών που ονομάζεται "Οι Muscadins" λόγω της τρέλα τους για musk που ήταν το αγαπημένο ουσία της Ιωσηφίνας. Τα Houbigant αρώματα ταξιδεψαν στην εκστρατεία του Ναπολέοντα κατά τη διάρκεια των ετών, όταν είχε την κατάκτηση της Ευρώπης. Ήταν, επίσης, το άρωμα του Oscar Wilde.
Houbigant (pronounced: [ubiɡɑ̃]) was a perfume manufacturer founded in Paris, France in 1775 by Jean-François Houbigant of Grasse (1752–1807), originally selling gloves, perfumes, and bridal bouquets. The original shop, called "A la Corbeille de Fleurs", was in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Over the centuries, the House of Houbigant became perfumer to the royal courts of Europe (amongst others Napoleon, Napoleon III, Alexander III of Russia, Queen Victoria). Josephine, the future Empress of France, belonged to a group of stylish young men and women called “The Muscadins” because of their craze for musk which was Josephine’s favourite essence. Houbigant fragrances travelled in Napoleon’s campaign chest during the years when he was conquering Europe.[citation needed]. It was also the perfume of the Oscar Wilde.
Fougere Royale από Houbigant είναι ένα Αρωματικο Φουγκερ άρωμα για άνδρες. Fougere Royale κυκλοφόρησε το έτος 1882. Ο αρωματοποιός αυτού του αρώματος είναι Paul Parquet. Οι νότες κορυφής είναι Λεβάντα, φασκόμηλο και Περγαμόντο; οι μεσαίες νότες είναι Γαρύφαλλο, ορχιδέα, ηλιοτρόπιο, τριαντάφυλλο και Γεράνι; οι νότες της βάσης είναι σπόρος Τόνκα, Μόσχος, Βανίλια, βρύα δριός και κουμαρίνη
 Fougere Royale by Houbigant is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. Fougere Royale was launched in 1882. The nose behind this fragrance is Paul Parquet. Top notes are lavender, clary sage and bergamot; middle notes are carnation, orchid, heliotrope, rose and geranium; base notes are tonka bean, musk, vanilla, oakmoss and coumarin.

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JOVOY Parfumeur Parisien depuis 1923

Private Label is my ideal oriental scent. This is the archetypal parfum de silage: it leaves a distinct trail while remaining consistent over time.” Francois Henin

Head notes: papyrus sedge, vetiver, leather
Heart notes: patchouli, sandalwood
Base notes: gum cistus

courtesy of DosSantos/Lemone
— at Rosina Perfumery.
Grossmith feautures on Volume 3 of our #PerfumeDiaries
Rosina Perfumery
PARFUMS HOUBIGANT PARIS Quelques Fleurs l`Original and Quelques Fleurs Royale

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La Liturgie des Heures Jovoy Ambassade des Parfums Rares à Paris

«Liturgy of the Hours evokes the image of an old monastery where the scent of burning incense fills the air just like the chanting of daily prayers.» Francois Henin.

Top notes: fresh, green, cypress
Heart notes: incense, olibanum, cistus, myrrh
Base notes: musk

courtesy of DosSantos/Lemone
— at Rosina Perfumery.

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Silky Dry Oil Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Paris

A suave and voluptuous oil which wraps the skin with tenderness and softness…A melting and aerial care, surprising of smoothness and softness.This dry oil wraps the body with a non-greasy veil that penetrates instantaneously and makes the skin soft and divinely silky.

With Miri Monoi, Passion Fruit Oil, Vanilla Oil, Papaya Oil.
— at Rosina Perfumery.

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Quelques Fleurs l`Original by Houbigant is a Floral fragrance for women. Quelques Fleurs l`Original was launched in 1913. The nose behind this fragrance is Robert Bienaime. Top notes are orange blossom, green notes, ...tarragon, bergamot, lemon and citruses; middle notes are carnation, tuberose, orchid, lilac, orris root, jasmine, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley, rose, violet and iris; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, civet, oakmoss, honey and vanilla.

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Pasotti Black Panther attacking the Perris Monte Carlo Musk Extreme perfume!!! Couldn't resist the seduction! — at Rosina Perfumery.
Rosina Perfumery Glyfada Top note is bergamot; middle notes are jasmine, rose and carnation; base notes are amber, musk, iris, vanilla and coumarin.

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Fougère Royale opens with an uplifting cocktail of sparkling citrus oils that blends into an aromatic bouquet of Mediterranean herbs, where lavender and Moroccan chamomile oil dictate the tempo. A redolent heart follows, where the floral-­spicy "Rondeletia" accord is revealed through rich geranium nuances and warm spices.
A floral intermezzo showcases rare rose essences and absolutes, spiked by pepper, cinnamon and carnation. Finally, a grand finale of earthy, ambery and woody harmonies, where moss notes join a sensual patchouli theme enriched by warm coumarinic undertones of tonka beans and clary sage absolute.


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Fico d'India Scented Room Diffuser by ORTIGIA

Natural reeds in a lovely signature bottle. The perfumed liquid travels through the sticks, releasing the subtle and continuous fragrance of cactus flower, fig and cedar.
— at Rosina Perfumery.

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Coco Extreme & Vanille Abricot by Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Paris

Coco Extreme: Top notes are coconut and vanilla flower; middle notes are tonka bean, almond, coconut and milk; base notes are vanille, sugar and coconut.
Vanille Abricot: Top notes are papaya, jackfruit and apricot; middle notes are apricot, jackfruit and papaya; base notes are vanilla and sugar.
— at Rosina Perfumery.