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Dedicated to a man who eschews excess but likes to charm, Carthusia I profumi di Capri Uomo is a fresh and elegant scent reminiscent of wholesome things like the open sea, fresh fruit, good Russian leather and recently spun cashmere. A perfectly gentle fragrance, dedicated to the discrete and appealing gentleman.

 Οι νότες κορυφής είναι λεμόνι, Περγαμόντο, φρέζια και πράσινα φύλλα; οι μεσαίες νότες είναι κρίνο της κοιλάδας, γιασεμί, Γεράνι, Κέδρος και πατσουλί; οι νότες της βάσης είναι σανδαλόξυλο, Μόσχος, βρύα δριός και Κεχριμπάρι.

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For amber lovers: Ambre Gris by Perris Monte Carlo
The richness of the Amber, with the Rose Absolute in the Heart, and the Vanilla Absolute in the base for a sophisticated perfume.

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Exquisite raw materials are the secret to wonderful perfumes.

The iris is one of the most valuable of the perfumer's palette products. Its extraction process is very long and delicate. The rhizome, from which the "beurre" is then collected, must dry for at least three years before the perfumer can proceed with the extraction.

Its smell extraordinarily present, almost invasive, with powdered agreements, deploys its wooded green accents, evoking a comforting smell of warm bread.We have taken a completely different approach by wanting to recreate the scent of the flower and by doing so we have been following into the footsteps of our predecessor Paul Parquet, who created Fougère Royale.

Following Parquet's creative path we have created an olfactory interpretation of the iris flower that will make whoever smells it feel as if he was taking a walk in a blossoming field of irises, in the Tuscany countryside, on a beautiful spring day. This perfume is the result of an encounter between the House of Houbigant and Mathieu Nardin, perfumer at Robertet.

Continuing a long tradition of excellence, the House of Houbigant has made exceptional ingredients the distinctive mark of its creations. To do so Houbigant has developed exclusive partnerships with carefully selected producers to ensure its perfumers always work with the world's very best materials.
— at Rosina Perfumery.
Top notes are bergamot, pink pepper, rose, lily-of-the-valley and pear; middle notes are iris, jasmine and ylang-ylang; base notes are sandalwood, amber, woody notes, vanilla and musk

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Lorenzo Villoresi Room Fragrance Reed Diffusers
Fresh and gentle fragrance to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room

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Carnival Weekend in Athens demands the appropriate mystery perfume: L'Anonyme ou OP-1475-A by @A Lab on Fire created by Olivier Polge
— at Rosina Perfumery.
 A sublime scent in an unassuming package, L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A is an enigma. A deep and unique fragrance created by the ingenious imagination of Olivier Polge. L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A captures contemporary allure, self-confident and minimal.

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Gardez Moi JOVOY Parfumeur Parisien depuis 1923
"This gardenia comes from a very opulent bouquet of white flowers, rich in contrasts, with hints of fresh water (water cyclamen) and an impression of green, crushed leaves in the initial stages, which support the volume of the composition and make this perfume, at the same time, rich and harmonious, feminine and sensual, and faithful over time."

 Top Notes: Coriander, Aldehydes, Black Pepper, Cyclamen, Leaves of Tomato
Heart Notes: Ylang-Ylang, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Absolute Mimosa, Gardenia, Lily White
Base Notes: Virginia Cedar resin, Styrax, Musk, Vanilla, Oak Moss, Raspberry Agreement

 Οι νότες κορυφής είναι κόλιανδρος, Αλδεϋδες, πιπέρι μαύρο, Κυκλάμινο και φύλλο ντοματιάς; οι μεσαίες νότες είναι Υλάνγκ Υλάνγκ, γιασεμί, απόλυτη μιμόζα, γαρδένια και λευκός κρίνος; οι νότες της βάσης είναι Κέδρος της Βιρτζίνιας, στίραξ, Μόσχος, Βανίλια, βρύα δριός και βατόμουρο.

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A rare experience. No man (or woman) can forget it.

Top notes are lemon, bergamot and orange blossom; middle notes are lavender and spicy notes; base notes are oakmoss, lavender and amber.
— at Rosina Perfumery.
May this Valentine bless us with the cupid of love and warmth of romance.
Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour De Cacao for LOVERS heart emoticon

Chocolate...the true aphrodisiac of the senses. Oh, little cocoa bean, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Amour de Cacao takes you to the land of gentle chocolate and vanilla, where all rivers are made of Cocoa Puffs, orange trees drip with ripe fruit and bowls of creamy vanilla pudding wait just for you. Fun yet grown-up, Amour isn’t the scent of chocolate syrup; it’s the aroma of a box of chocolate truffles, lightly dusted with cocoa powder, begging you to dive in. People (and even animals) will gaze at you with shiny-eyed adoration in hopes that you’ll just...get...a...little...bit...closer. You may even be tempted to eat your own arm off, but we wouldn’t recommend it.
Valentin's day : a journey into the Persian imagination… the trail of "Oudh Sensuel” immediately draws you into the atmosphere of Arabian Nights.
In the top notes, a powerful velvet rose enfolds the spicy heart of this perfume; the Saffron and the Oudh add to and reinforce the richness, complexity and originality of this unforgettable fragrance.

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The Key to My Heart
Ineke Perfumes After My Own Heart & Field Notes from Paris on Valenitnes Day...

Field Notes from Paris - a fragrance of sweet-scented Paris afternoons and of life measured out in coffee spoons.
After My Own Heart - A romantic reflection on finding yourself in a place that feels just right. This scent is inspired by the romantic and wistful lilac flower, which to Ineke is the forgotten flower of perfumery.

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After My Own Heart Ineke Perfumes A romantic reflection on finding yourself in a place that feels just right. This scent is inspired by the romantic and wistful lilac flower, which to Ineke is the forgotten flower of perfumery. — at Rosina Perfumery.
  After My Own Heart is the scent of fresh lilacs floating on the early evening breeze. Sweet fruity (bergamot and raspberry) and crisp green notes lead into the tender heart of lilac. The base features with sandalwood, heliotrope and musk.
Οι νότες κορυφής είναι Περγαμόντο, βατόμουρο και νότες πρασίνου; η μεσαία νότα είναι πασχαλιά; οι νότες της βάσης είναι σανδαλόξυλο, ηλιοτρόπιο και Μόσχος.

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A bright and contemporary interpretation of the classic chypre, Golden Chypre by Grossmith conjures up images of autumn sunlight shimmering on golden leaves.

Spicy notes of Cardamom and Nutmeg are blended into the opening bright Citrus accord. Rose, Geranium, and Heliotrope provide a beautiful balance to the vibrancy of the opening, whilst Patchouli introduces a warm, earthy quality. Dry, smoky Vetiver leads seamlessly into a sensual base of Woods, Amber and Musk.
— at Rosina Perfumery.

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Perris Monte Carlo Swiss Laboratory Skin Fitness
Train your skin with a new peeling generation.

Exfoliation is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine. #SkinFitness, the experts in natural exfoliants, use natural seed powders to create gentle yet effective exfoliants that reveal fresher, brighter skin in an instant.
— at Rosina Perfumery.