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Claus Porto Deco Lime Basil Candle
is a beautiful candle that contains a rich aroma that lasts for hours and is also a unique style statement in your home. Claus Porto Deco Lime Basil Candle has been made my artisan craftsmen and is a clean burning soy based candle that lasts up to an incredible 70 hours, due to its 10.5oz soy content. Each Claus Porto Candle contains a rich blend of essential oils to give a strong aroma that burns throughout the candle to reveal the unique art deco designs on each of the Claus Porto Candles.

 Rosina Perfumery Claus Porto chose the fusion of lime and basil fragrances, creating a manly, intense, clean and refreshing fragrance.

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Είμαστε στην ευχάριστη θέση να σας παρουσιάσουμε τις καλύτερες σειρές καλλυντικών από όλο τον κόσμο .Εκτός από τις επιλογές μας από τα καλύτερα αρώματα τώρα σας προσφέρουμε μοναδικά καλλυντικά υψηλής ποιότητας.

PERRIS MONTE CARLO περιποίηση προσώπου !!

Πέρα από την εξαιρετική ποιότητα όμως αυτά τα καλλυντικά λατρεύονται σε ολο τον κόσμο από διασημότητες και για την ενδιαφέρουσα ιστορία τους και καταγωγή τους .

Στο κατάστημα μας Rosina Perfumery θα βρείτε μόνο εταιρίες που δεν μπορείτε να βρείτε στα mainstream τα λεγόμενα εμπορικά σήματα.


Έχουν αναπτύξει τη δική τους ηθική κατευθυντήρια γραμμή, ώστε να αποφεύγεται κάθε κίνδυνος αλλεργικής αντίδρασης, και να έχουν το υψηλότερο επίπεδο ποιότητας. ΤΟΥΛΑΧΙΣΤΟΝ 95% ΦΥΣΙΚΑ ΣΥΣΤΑΤΙΚΑ Καινοτόμα ενεργά συστατικά 0% μη φιλικά ΣΥΣΤΑΤΙΚΑ


υποαλλεργικά - Κλινικά δοκιμασμένα - Δερματολογικά ελεγμένα - Οφθαλμολογικά ελεγμένα - Κυρίως για το ευαίσθητο δέρμα

Μοναδικό PEELING

κατάλληλο για όλους τους τύπους δέρματος και για τις ευαίσθητες επιδερμίδες 

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ortigia - sandalo

The Sandalo Elephant of Ortigia is inspired by the Elephant which stands in Catania and acts as an emblem of the city.

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Melodia – Melon by Claus Porto

The sweet fragrances of vine ripened cantaloupe and crenshaw melons are infused with a hint of crisp green peach, then layered on top of night blooming jasmin and vanilla to create a refreshingly fruity scent.

This clean burning, 10.5 oz. soy blend candle, created by Lafco NY exclusively for Claus Porto, gives you up to 70 hours of the finest French fragrance while slowly revealing its own unique Art Deco inspired etched glass design.
— at Rosina Perfumery.

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Shem-el-Nessim Grossmith review by Kafkaesque Perfume Blog !!

Parfums GALIMARD Pêle-Mêle

Green and fresh notes open the sparkling dance of this attractive fragrance, unveiling a melange of green tea and rose; sensually warmed by musk and sandalwood, the close is enriched by a glowing touch of ripe peach and mellow plum.

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Nothing can harm you. Nothing can drag you down. When your strength is unlimited, it comes from the deepest, most fearless heart. Looking hard into the eyes of your future, you are steady and master it. It kneels before you, in awe. The allure of Rose Rebelle Respawn is boundless. Sophia Grojsman’s iconic fragrance returns, its femininity and daring irrepressible. — at Rosina Perfumery.
Top~ ivy, mint leaves
Mid~ carnation, rose
Dry~ musks, incense, cacao

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"The true Quelques Fleurs formula has never been published. An ancient formula still kept in the family archives, this fragrance will never be duplicated. The blend of soft, sensual florals uses over 250 different raw materials and more than 15,000 flowers to create just one ounce of Quelques Fleurs eau de parfum."...

Read more at http://www.mimifroufrou.com/scentedsalamander/2010/08/houbigant_quelques_fleurs_1912_1.html#LLqCJo9GfXcbTpAF.99
— at Rosina Perfumery.

Harper's Bazaar The LIST Luxe Bathroom Swaps
Sophisticated updates for the workhorse products you use every day. Because, why not?
MARVIS Mint Condition

— at Rosina Perfumery.

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Perris Swiss Laboratory – Skin Fitness.

Perris Monte Carlo coming soon...
Perris Swiss Laboratory – Skin Fitness. Train your skin with a new peeling generation.
A unique peeling collection developed by experts, tailored to every skin problem and designed for all skin types even... the most sensitive of skin. More and more customers are interested in using natural skin care products. The line is designed for customers who are looking for skin care products with best quality, which are highly efficient, have very good compatibility and contain the purest ingredients. Skin Fitness combines maximum effect, pleasant aromas, best compatibility and luxurious textures. With global expertise, Perris Swiss Laboratory have been able to develop these extraordinary products.

The name of the line: Skin Fitness
Just as regular exercise strengthens the body, the Skin Fitness peels strengthen the facial skin. The latest research results demonstrate that the skin regenerates better with daily massage. Perris Swiss Laboratory Skin Fitness peels can be combined excellently with other products and are always suitable for sensitive skin.

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Iperborea Eau de Toilette & Iperborea Scented Body Powder Lorenzo Villoresi Pagina ufficiale

There, in the everlasting spring, the fresh north wind carries the radiant perfume of blossoming petals hidden in the snow and beneath the morning dew, searching for the first ray of sunlight.

A blend of fine scented powders. A ritual of wellness and beauty that gives softness and freshness to the skin.
— at Rosina Perfumery.

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Uncertainty and mystery are the keys that open a door to the fullest life; only through their cultivation can we fend off dull thinking and truly ignite creativity. A Lab on Fire — at Rosina Perfumery.

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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme

Comptoir Sud Pacifique
Vanille Extreme
Extreme is 120% correct, this one is super duper sweet!!!! Your dentist would NOT approve!!!!
Vanille Extreme starts off with a tooth achingly sweet vanilla ice cream blast, as if you've had your head stuck in the carton & had a massive feeding frenzy. It's dripping from your nose, mouth & chin. You can almost FEEL the stickiness of the sugar, vanilla & milk. Sillage is at maximum here!

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Lorenzo Villoresi Pagina ufficiale AURA MARIS

The sea breeze gently brushing the ocean waves, with the aromas from the Mediterranean shrubs. The tingling fragrance of the salty foam, the sunlit reflections of citrus fruits, the golden rays of the sun on a glimmering sea.

Top note: Fresh, green, citrus with Bergamot notes and Mandarin and soft floral and fruity touches.
Middle note : Fresh, floral with aromatic woods nuances, Narcissus, Patchouli, Jasmin.
Base note: Fresh citrus floral, with soft ambery, musky and woody touches.
— at Rosina Perfumery.
The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions! — at Rosina Perfumery.

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AGUIA - Vetyver

Claus Porto
AGUIA - Vetyver
Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) has a heavy, earthy fragrance similar to patchouli with a touch of lemon.
Το αιθέριο έλαιο Βετιβερια (vetiver), έχει ένα γήινο άρωμα παρόμοιο με το patsouli, με μία ιδέα αρώματος λεμονιού. Έχει επουλωτικές ιδιότητες και χρησιμοποιείται για την επιτάχυνση της εξάλειψης των δερματικών προβλημάτων, όπως ουλές, σημάδια, ραγάδες, δίνοντας σαν αποτέλεσμα ένα ομοιόμορφο και λαμπερό δέρμα.